Entrada a Dismol, Masquefa.



Dismol Masquefa, S.L. is a pioneering company at a European level. It manufactures sleeves(mounted on hoses and elements of connection for conducting water and gases) and gas & smoke evacuation conduits as well as accessories and plumbing (pipes and aluminium &PPs fittings).

We began our activity in 1976, so 40 years have supported our path and have allowed us to say that we are positioned as one of the leading manufacturers in the different sectors where we are present.

We are a family company with a globally recognized brand within our industry, consisting of more than 60 professionals who ensure daily that all our products placed on the market fully meet all the requirements of our customers.

A policy of investment, innovation, improvement and commitment to quality, along with close cooperation with our customers and suppliers, has led to a more efficient production and a customer service tailored to meet your needs. We are therefore especially proud to explain that many of our clients nationally and internationally have been working with us for several decades.

We are present in the market with two main lines of differentiated products (sleeves and tubes), but we are also manufacturers of other products dedicated to the food and cava industry such as shutters and closing plugs.


At Grupo Dismol Masquefa S.L. is to provide:

Our customers of the food industry with air conditioning & heating systems; quality products that are environmentally-friendly and adapted to your needs.  

Our shareholders with a profitable development and,

Our staff with the opportunity for personal development and for profesional skills.


Dismol Masquefa S.L. debe ser una empresa industrial, de ámbito mundial, independiente, con una estructura equilibrada de productos sostenibles, rentables and en crecimiento bajo una gestión medioambiental, and manteniendo su espíritu en un origen familiar.

Dismol Masquefa S.L. must be an independent industrial company, worldwide, with a balanced structure of sustainable, profitable and growing products under an environmental management, and keeping our spirit in a family origin.

Masquefa Dismol S.L. wants to be recognized as the global benchmark in sectors where it operates.

Dismol Masquefa S.L. wants to be an essential partner to our customers and suppliers and add value to their products in a clear and defined way.lara y definida.


We firmly believe in:

  • The Customer and suppliers.
  • Ethical behaviour and respect for people.
  • Teamwork and the responsible Delegation.
  • Innovation and commitment.
  • Respect for our environmental surroundings and everything around us.